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YESFX Global is the world’s most trusted name in the fields of professional prop trading and technical analysis education. This is why top investment services firms and funds throughout Europe, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates choose our experts to train their staff.  As a professional prop trading house we offer training to both Junior and Experienced prop Traders always aiming to achieve maximum performance. Our technical analysis research department is continuously testing and developing new and existing trading strategies and market timing techniques (entry and exit levels), in order to achieve optimal investment performance based on in-house trading tactics and risk-management strategies.  

YESFX Global operates both of its functions on an On-site and On-line (Remote) basis. This means that any prop-trading or any technical analysis course can be offered both on-line live, or at YESFX trading room. Our remote fx prop trading program as well as our in-house fx prop trading program offers world-wide the opportunity to successful traders (Junior prop Traders) to succeed at their trading careers and develop both their trading and technical analysis skills and abilities to a maximum.

Our CFTe Course offers the opportunity to successful candidates or interested professionals to succeed at their career prospects and become professional technical analysts, traders and dealers by obtaining the world class professional qualification of the CFTe (Certified Financial Technician) issued and recognized globally by the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA) and by the Society of Technical Analysts of the UK (STA).

Our philosophy: “To serve and to promote technical analysis as a valuable tool of investing in the financial markets”

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