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  • Any data or information any investor can find onour website has an educational purpose only.
  • None of the analysis or data which you can find in our seminars, analysis or in any other advertising record cannot be perceived as an investment recommendation for placing a specific order in any financial instrument in any regulated or unregulated  market.
  • YESFX Ltd is not liable for any possible losses or profits that have been derived partially or wholly from transactions based directly or indirectly from the process or usage of any information, data or YESFX policies which the reader/visitor might find in any of our company’s analysis or on our website. Instead, the reader/visitor is wholly liable for the way he or she will use this data as well as for the result of his or hers actions.
  • The recipients of any of our company’s services should recognize and accept that any kind of investment decisions have a level of risk of decrease or even loss of both the capital and the value of the instrument invested.  Thus, they should always act guardedly and do research before taking any decisions.
  • All site visitors must accept and recognize that all kinds of investment choices in any kind of financial market have risks (great risk, small risk and sometimes zero risk) of decreasing or even losing all the amount of their investment.  Thus, you must always be conservative and perform extensive research before placing a trade.
  • The content of any of our company’s analysis is exclusively used for personal use.  Reproduction, transmission, distribution to third parties and any kind of editing of this analysis is strictly prohibited.  Anyone with access to this data is liable to accept the law regarding copyright loyalties against third parties.
  • All the data and information that are included in any of our analysis, should be considered only for educational, informational and training purposes and are based wholly and exclusively on the analysis of charts. Our company’s analysis should not in any case be considered as research reports, a trade confirmation or an offer or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any financial instruments in any kind of regulated or unregulated market.
  • We have the right to change our terms and conditions and the type of our analysis or even withdraw an analysis without any prior notice to anyone.

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