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What is the CFTe (Certified Financial Technician Qualification)?

The CFTe qualification is the world class professional qualification in the field of financial technical analysis, which is globally recognized and issued by the International Federation of Technical Analysis (IFTA) and by the Society of Technical Analysts of the UK (STA) – STA Diploma which is equivalent to the Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) qualification.

To whom is it addressed for?

It is addressed to financial professionals who aim for a Technical Analyst, Trader, Portfolio Manager, Asset/Investment Manager, Dealer, Market Analyst, FX Trader, LPG Trader, Crude Oil Operator, Commodities analyst and Research Analyst job positions and to individuals who wish to get a better chance in the financial industry jobs market. Qualified technical analysts are well-respected individuals in the Financial Sector world-wide and by obtaining the CFTe or STA designation you immediately stand out from the rest in the employment market.

By obtaining the CFTe designation to which sector(s) can I get a job?

By obtaining the CFTe professional qualification a CFTe holder can be employed in the financial industry for the positions of: Financial Technical Analyst, Financial Trader, Junior Investment Analyst, Junior Trader Trainee, Dealer, Asset Manager, Portfolio/Fund Manager. For the past 10 years the financial industry jobs sector has indicated has been growing continuously and specifically the number of Cypriot Investment Firms (CIFs) has increased to more than 200 ( )

Does YESFX guarantee a job position upon completion of the CFTe Exam Course?

YESFX. In case you do not get employed by any firm by the end of the CFTe course then YESFX guarantees employment for the position of the Forex Prop-trader.

I do not have any Finance related degree. Can I pass the CFTe exams?

To pass the CFTe exams it is not a requirement for any candidate to possess any Finance related qualification/degree neither is necessary to have a basic knowledge of the markets. What really distinguishes YESFX about its students is that the largest percentage who actually passed the CFTe exams did not possess any experience or any Finance related degrees. YESFX CFTe course is especially designed offering its students for both Level 1 and Level 2 exams 9 mock exams and by using the mock exam method our target is to make you specialists in the field of Financial Technical Analysis and to pass all the examination levels.

How many mock exams YESFX offers for Level 1 and Level 2 exams?

We are the only firm who actually has Level 1 mock exams with solutions provided. Students through our CFTe exam preparation course for Level 1 exams will be given 3 mock exams of 100 multiple choice each so that’s a total of at least 300 multiple choice questions bank all with solutions. For Level 2 exams YESFX provides its students with 6 Mock-Exams all with full solutions which is another advantage of our CFTe course since we are again the only firm who provided solutions on Level 2 exams. 

In how many examination levels is the CFTe separated and what is the syllabus?

The CFTe exam is separated in Level 1 and Level 2 exams. Passing both CFTe Level 1 and CFTe Level 2 culminates in the award of an international professional qualification. For more information and to download the full syllabus for both Level 1 and Level 2 exams click on the following link:


What is the expected salary for CFTe holders in Cyprus?

You can find 2015 salary survey by clicking here.

What is the current employment rate of YESFX graduates who obtained the CFTe professional qualification?

YESFX is offering this course since 2007 and we are proud to enjoy a 93% employment rate for our successful students who obtained the CFTe designation. Our graduates enjoy employment in the world’s most prestigious firms and organizations locally and abroad.

How long are your courses?

For the in-house exam preparation course the duration is 6 (six) months and we prepare participants to pass both Level 1 and Level 2 exams. More information and details can be found at the link:

Where are the courses held?

The courses are normally held in our Head Office premises in Nicosia.

Are your courses offered on an online basis?

Yes. Our CFTe courses are offered online through skype or go-to-meeting software and the online students can actively interact with the lecturer ask questions even discuss with the rest of the students who attend the lectures at YESFX premises on a real-time basis. 

Do you offer the CFTe course on a self-study option / distance learn?

Yes. For more information about our self-study CFTe course visit our website at:

How often are the exams held?

For YESFX students for Level 1 exams we can arrange an on-demand exam as soon as the students are ready to take Level 1 examination. Usually Level 1 exams are held 4 times per year. For Level 2 exams the examination dates are fixed globally and are twice per year; in April and in October.

What is the structure of CFTe exams?

Level 1 exam is a computer-based multiple choice exam. Its duration is 2 hours and is compiled of 120 multiple-choice questions.  You can download a sample examination paper for Level 1 exams by clicking here. Level 2 exam is a 3-hours hand-written exam which consists of an analysis report, 1 long-essay practical question, and 2 short-answer theoretical questions. You can download a sample of the analysis section of Level 2 exams by clicking here.

What is the pass mark for CFTe Level 1 and Level 2 exams?

Students who sit the Level 1 exam need to obtain at least 67% pass mark. For Level 2 exams candidates need to score an overall mark of 60% to pass, however the following criteria must be met:

  1. The candidate must score at least 35 marks in the analysis part of the paper
  2. The candidate must attend all required sections/questions 
Do I have to have passed Level 1 exam before sitting Level 2 exam?

There is no need to have passed the Level 1 exam before taking Level 2 exam. Any level can be taken in any order, however in order to obtain the CFTe designation both levels must be cleared.

In case of failure, do I get another chance or do I have to register again and pay again the course fees?

YESFX adopts the don’t-pass-don’t-pay again the course fees. However, you need to re-register and pay the examination fee every time you apply for an examination for either Level 1 or Level 2 exams.

What is the passing rate percentage for YESFX CFTe students?

This is not stable always according to the difficulty of each exam. However on average 70% of students sitting the exams pass

What is the pass mark for Level 1 exam?

67%. Those achieving 85% or above are awarded with a Merit.

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What is the pass mark for Level 2 exam?

60%. Those achieving 85% or above are awarded a Distinction.

What is the difference between STA Diploma and CFTe?

The CFTe is the international Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA) two-stage qualification. CFTe Level 1 is a multiple choice paper which is very similar to the STA Diploma Level 1 examination. CFTe Level 2 is an essay based question paper, similar to the STA Diploma Level 2 exam, but half an hour longer. Both IFTA’s CFTe 1 and 2 papers were for several decades set and marked by the STA but over the past few years IFTA have set and marked their own exams.

On achieving MSTA status (passing both Level 1 and Level 2 STA exams), students can also receive the international Federation of Technical Analysts’ CFTe accreditation and certification on payment of an administration fee of $50.

Which exam paper do we sit under YESFX CFTe exam preparation course?

You can sit either the STA or the CFTe exam papers, it’s up to you but usually our students choose the STA examination papers.

How many hours should I allow to prepare for the exams?

We recommend that students spend a minimum of three to six hours per unit in the Self-Study or per CFTe Level 1 or 2 lectures, and take time to read the recommended notes and practice mock exams for both Level 1 and Level 2 examinations.

CFTe Course - Fall 2017

Job position is guaranteed upon CFTe exam course completion
  • Status: 5 positions available
  • Start Date: 23rd of Oct 2017
  • Finish Date: 20th of April 2018
  • Venue: Live Webinar or YESFX Premises
  • Instructional Methods: Group
  • Duration: 6 months, 2 days/week, 3 hours/ day

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