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Andreas Mamas (Cyprus)

"After a successful 6 year sales career I wanted a change. Yet without a Bachelor’s degree I had problem finding a job. Then YESFX education program came across my screen, and I decided to jump right in. Even though I had no experience on economics or finances, 6 months later, with the invaluable help of Mr Kyriakos Charilaou I’ve acquired the CFTe certificate, and I am currently employed in a big Forex Company as a Dealer with a nice salary, looking at a brand new career. Very hard at the beginning but simple to learn in the process, thanks to the great education material of YESFX"

YESFX CFTe Exam preparation course July 2017

Constantinos Aristophanous (Cyprus)

":Congratulations! You have been the most disciplined trader who applied YESFX Successful Trading system with great results. Also, we are proud to have as a CFTe Exam Preparation Course candidate back in Fall 2010 who achieved great examination results and obtained both the MSTA and the CFTe designations. The result speaks by itself!"
AtoZ FOREX meet Constantinos Aristophanous
YESFX CFTe Exam preparation course / YESFX Successful Trading System Oct 2016

Melina Deltas (Cyprus)

"YESFX’s Successful Trading System course has been a really helpful tool for my experience as a trader to the company for over a year. Working as a trader at this firm help me to create the ability to work under pressure with the help of professionals that wanted to share their experience. Also, CFTe Exam Preparation Course gave me a solid understanding of the practical application of technical analysis and useful knowledge on how real markets work"
YESFX CFTe Exam preparation course July 2016

Constantinos Tsangarides (Cyprus)

"This course offers a wide range of emotions, from the initial skepticism, to fear of the unknown and later curiosity, and hunger to learn more as time progresses. It is quite a long course that requires dedication, concentration and patience and will often leave you with many questions. The way it is taught though, in small bite-size classes each time, and with the friendly and helpful attitude of the lecturer- Kyriakos Charilaou and everyone at YESFX, almost ensures a pass in the exams.

This is a testimonial from somebody who has never had any form of financial training, was an art student, but always had the curiosity to get a better understanding as to how markets move and what their effects are on the economies. I am very pleased to say that I very satisfied student who has managed to get both the MSTA and CFTe designations. I consider my time and money to be well spent and would recommend this course to anyone interested to learn more about Technical Analysis."

YESFX CFTe Exam preparation course June 2016

Niral Niranjan Shukla (United Kingdom)

"Successfully trading Forex requires market knowledge, experience, discipline/risk management and a decent amount of capital. Most traders can acquire the former two, but tend to lack the latter two, proving unprofitable over the long run - YESFX allows you to tick all of these boxes by providing a good amount of starting capital, strict and disciplined money management rules, and a wealth of experience and knowledge to help guide you on your way.

I worked in the asset management industry for 13 years in various large institutions, and was most recently a multi-asset investment strategist for 8 years. Working in a team that provided global macro and asset allocation advice, with my passion for financial markets and being a qualified technical analyst, my role was to provide market timing advice to generate alpha, and this predominantly entailed a fair amount of technical analysis, amongst other things.

As a result, this also led me down the road of trading my own personal account approximately 6 years ago, using my asset allocation and technical analysis skills. One thing that I learnt from this in hindsight was that I had beginners luck, had no trading discipline and sound risk management, and most importantly not enough capital to generate longevity.

Having left the industry at the beginning of 2015 and taken a sabbatical, I came across YESFX through my LinkedIn job search and was very interested in the remote trading program. Having passed a rigorous interview process, I am now again able to be involved in financial markets and trading, use my technical analysis skills, and hopefully generate a decent income stream from it going forward.

The flexibility of the remote program allows you to trade and structure your day around your own personal commitments or day job, allowing you to get the things done that you need to get done. The team are also extremely friendly and happy to assist when your trading is not running as smoothly as one would like. This suits me to a tee as I am still keeping abreast of financial market developments whilst trading and also whilst continuing to search for a full time 9-5 investment role, where my hope is that my YESFX trading complements and provides additional variable income. In an ideal world in the future, I would love to be a full time self-employed trader, and I believe YESFX is helping me achieve that goal, or at least keeping me on the right track!...next step is to be consistent and profitable over time with YESFX’s help.

As mentioned, the trading hours are flexible (7am – 5pm GMT generally). I tend to get up at 530 to do my analysis and catch up on overnight financial developments from the Asian session and previous day’s US session, to be ready to trade for when the European session opens. I generally tend to be finished by 12, but on occasions the trading day can last into the US session or to 5pm – again that’s all dependent on you.

Definitely worth giving it a go if you are serious and passionate about financial markets and FX trading!"

Remote YESFX Prop-Trader June 2016

Daniel Marc Wynne (United Kingdom)

"I have been trading for 10 years, for the last 6 years I have been trading independently. I chose this path because trading is my passion and I could not imagine doing anything else.

I read about YESFX online through LinkedIn. The community provides great support, risk control and enough risk to make a good income.

As I have other commitments I do my charting and analysis in the evening and either execute in the morning or around the US open.

I hope in the near future to increase my capital and commit to trading full time."

Remote YESFX Prop-Trader May 2016

Anthony Paice (United Kingdom)

"I have been trading on and off for approximately 15+ years. In 2011 I became self employed and started my own Forex consulting company in order to make a living by trading, teaching and helping others how to trade successfully without the emotion that kills many people in this business.

I am ex military and my disciplined background has served me well for a long time and its relationship to trading is vitally important if you want to succeed in the forex market.

Since I started trading on my own in 2011 I was always looking for opportunities to arise that could effectively make a consistent return with regards to my risk parameters. I have worked with Angel Investors, Regional Company Directors and a whole host of other traders from around the globe in order to achieve certain goals that they were looking for in their ventures.

In January 2016 I decided to look to enhance my profile further and started looking at proprietary trading companies. YesFX are the first ones that really stood out from the crowd. The rest were simply second place and did not offer a good a deal as YesFX currently are operating.

I can strongly recommend this proprietary trading firm as their management, support team and the speed of the execute trading is second to none. They have strict money management rules which I love as this in my opinion is one of the key elements of trading. With the flexibility to trade anywhere in the world, timed within the London and US trading sessions, you simply have a winning combination if you have to desire to succeed in the markets.

You simply use your own trading system with them and if you can trade successfully and can invest a little by joining, then this company is a “no-brainer” as you could earn a very decent income over a long period of time. Each month you are sent a payment direct to your bank account with no problems or questions asked based on your monthly performance figure.

I would heartedly recommend them to anyone who wishes to invest in themselves. Whether you are an experienced professional trader or one that is just starting out down the forex road, this company simply gives you the opportunity to succeed. They even offer training to boost your skills and will help you every step of the way to becoming very successful in this industry if required."

Remote YESFX Prop-Trader March 2016

Stavros Georgiadis (Greece)

"I have been trading for over 1 year. This career path is exciting and fits to my professional goal becoming soon a CFA charterholder. I heard about YESFX online making a research for forex remote traders. I like the idea of applying your own analysis and placing your own trades based on analysis applying strict risk management. Hopefully in 5 years from now I will be a fund manager not only in forex but also in stocks,options and maybe commodities.Daily trading routine is simple,trying to find high probabilities trades within a time frame of 10 hours."
Remote YESFX Prop-Trader February 2016

Marco Merenda (Italy)

"I am trader for 4 years and have so far only traded my own account.

For some time I had the target to enter in the Professional Trading and to manage Company Funds.
On my search for a professional and reputable ProTrading Company, fortunately i encountered YesFX, where I get a job as a trader.
The whole YESFX Team is very friendly, helpful and always professional.
The system is developed very fair for the traders and it makes every day a lot of fun with YesFX to work in the Forex markets.

I can recommend YesFX to every good trader and i wish many sucess"

Remote YESFX Prop-Trader February 2016

Daniel Tham (Singapore)

"I have been a trader since July 2012. Just before my graduation from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and in the midst of a job search, I became interested in trading stocks. The job market was harsh for a fresh graduate like myself and I decided to try out day trading as a full time job, whilst waiting to hear back from companies regarding interviews. What started off as a hobby/side project of sorts, became a career path for me as I always a had a fascination with the stock markets due to my background in Economics at QMUL. Between Dec 2012 to Nov 2013, I tried out for various prop trading firms such as Pulsar Capital (a remote trading firm based in the London), Propex Derivatives (branch office in Singapore) and Hyundai Able Investments (A Singapore prop trading firm). Despite passing the simulator phase for Propex Derivatives, I did not get past the interview round. Likewise I failed get into Pulsar Capital, because I fell slightly short of the profit requirement of 4000 USD in 20 trading days. For the case of Hyundai Able Investments, I was not in the top 5 percentile of a numerical test and hence did not get shortlisted for the interview stage. After all this setbacks, I decided that I needed time to re-evaluate my options and applied for other jobs. I had stints with Sony Global Treasury in a trade support role and in compliance with Cititrust Singapore, but during my terms of employments I was still trading regularly on my personal account.

It was by chance that I discovered YESFX. When I resigned from Cititrust in Oct 2015, because I was being forced in a role that I did not contractually agree to, I had to find a short term job until the end of March, as I had already made travel plans for April 2016 whilst employed at Cititrust. After about a month of searching and a few job interviews, I chanced upon a YESFX job advertisement on LinkedIn. I really liked the job description and thus sent out my application.

Before I proceed to say more about the programme, I like to commend YESFX and particulary Mr Kyriakos Charilaou, for his patience when there were complications with my payment to the YESFX account and also for his guidance when I found I needed help with my trading strategies. The thing I like about the programme is it allows me to trade anytime during the stipulated time allocation, which still gives me the freedom to perform errands, chores, have time for workouts at the gym and to meet friends for meals. I also like the emphasis on protecting yourself from losses, by placing appropriate stop losses, having a daily loss limit and having a restriction of 3 trades a day, as over trading is not advisable based on my experience.

As I live in Singapore, trading only starts for me at 3pm(9 am in Cyprus). In the morning, I would do analysis for the various FX currency pairs and catch up on market news that happened overnight. I would normally trade between 3 to 6 pm, then take a break to go to the gym or watch some television shows to relax my mind. If I am satisfied with my gains for the day, I would stop there, but continue to monitor the market from about 8pm onwards and practise trade strategies on the LMAX simulator account. If I am not done with trading for the day, I would still start from 8pm and stop by around 11pm.

Currently, I want to stay with this programme for as long as I can, and maybe 1 day eventually trade on a trading floor. In 5 years time, I hope to be a very successful trader on a trading floor and be financially stable to support a family. "
Remote YESFX Prop-Trader February 2016

Joyti Selli (United Kingdom)

"I have been trading with yesfx for under a month now and have found the trainers and mentors very helpful. Working as an dealer full time and trading with Yesfx allows me to simultaneously do both. I chose to trade to expand my knowledge, I feel it's a path you are constantly learning. Figuring out different strategies, understanding effects of high priority data, etc. In a few years I am hoping to become a full time prop trader, with the training and the exposure I get with yesfx it seems possible. I saw the position on LinkedIn and I would recommend any new traders to apply."
Remote YESFX Prop-Trader August 2015

Andreas Ioannou (Cyprus)

"I personally made my debut in the FX society during Trader Training program I had in March 2015. Amazing experience would be the least to say. From beginning to end of our course, our lecturers and mentors who have years of experience in the field, were by our sides at all times giving us insights and providing us with the right knowledge, in order to become traders and gradually successful ones. The environment here at YesFX is friendly, making it even easier for us to feel as a vital part of the team and member of the YesFX family!"
YESFX Prop-Trader - In-House Training Program June 2015

Justin K. Kouakou (Ivory Coast)

"I started trading FX in 2008. In October last year, after working at the World Bank Group for 15 years, I decided to quit a comfortable managerial position there to focus exclusively on FX trading. It was not an easy decision, but my job had kept me away from my family for the most part of my time at the Bank and the children were growing up without me around. Luckily, I like the FX market, and trading full time afforded me the time to develop a profitable trading system at the time. I made sizable profits from October to December. Soon afterwards however, two events would shake my confidence: On January 15th, the Swiss National Bank suddenly announced that it would no longer hold the Swiss franc at a fixed exchange rate with the euro. The panic that followed resulted in moves of more than 1000 pips in some currency pairs, causing catastrophic losses to retail and institutional investors around the world. Around the same time, the Greek crisis also did its part to shake some beliefs that I had hitherto held as unshakable, the most notable of which was that only retail traders lose money in the FX market and also that they do so because of the tight stop losses that the small size of their portfolios force on them.
Those events also alerted me to the fact that it was a matter of time before my own portfolios would be exposed to catastrophic losses. I therefore decided to design a more robust trading system, to help manage similar risks in the future. My research led me to YESFX, where I was fortunate enough to secure a position as a proprietary trader in March of this year. I like the fact that the firm has allowed me to trade remotely for them. But more importantly, the firm's strict money management rules are helping me become a more disciplined trader; so much so that now, prior to opening any live position I am forced to calculate the pip values attached to the trade, such that at any given time, I have a clear knowledge of the pip value of my positions as well as an exact measure of the risks. Whereas in the past I may have benefited from the beginner's luck, now, nothing is left to chance. I can accurately determine stop losses and profit targets based on currency pairs in milliseconds. These past two months I barely broke even; but gradually, my new habits are forming and the successful ingredients are being put together. Slowly, I can see a successful system taking shape. The last touches are being added through multiple hours of testing and back testing and I am convinced that the discipline imposed by the firm are helping me establish the foundations of a very successful trading career."

Remote YESFX Prop-Trader May 2015

Dakis Leontiou (Cyprus)

"I recently had the wonderful experience of being trained for the first time as a FX Trader at YESFX. Our tutors and mentors are magnificent trainers and the course of YESFX Prop-traders training program was a delight. I have achieved things that I never thought that it was possible and not to my knowledge. The training started on 16/03/2015 and has lasted for nearly two months. Being a trader is not easy, but with the teachings from YESFX regarding strategy and discipline has helped me a lot to achieve my goals and even surpass them. The working environment also is very friendly and helpful with anything you may need. I strongly recommend this program if anybody is interested in becoming a trader and a successful one."
YESFX Prop-Trader - In-House Training Program May 2015

Freddy Axel Kangou (Cote D'Ivoire)

"Success as a trader is a career many seek but very few achieve. I welcomed the intellectual rigor that the management team demanded and I am a better trader because of it. Through comprehensive education and market analysis, YESFX teach traders how to become consistent and profitable. They didn't give me the fish, they taught me how to fish. Overall, a solid firm and I recommend to anyone planning make trading their profession to seek a real professional trading firm. From my perspective the choice is clear and simple, YESFX. Would be hard to find a better environment to trade."

Remote YESFX Prop-Trader April 2015

Caroline Mbi Ayuk (Netherlands)

''YESFX is a great company and I am greatful for the opportunity to trade for this company. Many traders fail in their pursuit of a career as forex traders for lack of proper education, proper amount of capital and a forced mechanism for proper money management and discipline. Guess what YESFX covers all these for you. Personally my problem was over trading, however the forced mechanism YESFX has in place as money management rules has seriously helped me to drastically improve my trading results. If you have the proper education, but lack the proper money management, you will fail in the long run. Yesfx has changed my trading story and I believe, your story will change too if you decide to join YESFX. If you are willing to put in the time and effort to learn, YESFX has everything you need to become a self-empowered, confident and successful forex day trader.''

Remote YESFX Prop-Trader April 2015

Constantinos Miaris (Cyprus)

"I personally made my debut in the FX society during Trader Training program I had in March 2015. Amazing experience would be the least to say. From beginning to end of our course, our lecturers and mentors who have years of experience in the field, were by our sides at all times giving us insights and providing us with the right knowledge, in order to become traders and gradually successful ones. The environment here at YesFX is friendly, making it even easier for us to feel as a vital part of the team and member of the YesFX family!"
YESFX Prop-Trader - In-House Training Program April 2015

Aimilios Nychidis (Cyprus)

"It has been two months that I entered the foreign exchange industry and I am happy that I decided YES FX to be my source of knowledge. With the appropriate knowledge and practice the tutors of YES FX provided me with important aspects which help me to achieve my goal to become a successful trader. The work environment is friendly as a result of making you feel comfortable. I am really impressed from their educational skills as they have an effective way of impart knowledge."

YESFX Prop-Trader - In-House Training Program April 2015

Demetris Antonopoulos (Greece) -

''Before joining the YesFx team I had been an active trader in the U.S stock market. However, I always wanted to be part of a forex team with a good strategy for raising equity. After several weeks looking online for remote trading opportunities as a junior prop-trader, I finally found what I was looking for. A company that has low commission fees and small spreads. This was YesFx. Although the first month I was struggling to make some profit, I realized that I was doing something wrong. Thus, I decided to visit the main offices of YesFx in Nicosia, Cyprus. I met most of the staff, and it was a great experience. I sat down with Mr.Charilaou and he gave me a broad spectrum of the forex market. During my way home I was skeptical of all the ideas he gave me. I then try to make all this happen. Now, I am efficiently trading with minimal losses and higher profits. I have successfully increased my risk to reward ratio and definitely doing much better in the sector of money management. I still have questions ofcourse and the YesFx team is always there to help me.''

Remote YESFX Prop-Trader March 2015

Pablo S.G. (Spain)

''As a trader with several years of experience in the prop trading business I feel qualified to write a sound and unbiased testimony about YESFX. After actively trading different asset classes in a couple of prop shops, from interest rates to commodities and stocks, I enrolled into YESFX’s “Remote FX Traders” program to develop my skills also in the currency markets. The experience is being great. YESFX is a trustworthy company which puts on the table everything a trader needs to be successful: education, capital and an accurate risk control. What makes YESFX different from most other proprietary trading companies is that they make money from the profit-split, not from commissions... so there are no conflict of interests. In addition, they give a lot of importance to education, so it is ideal for beginners. Another advantage is that you can interact with other traders to gain further insight about whatever you need to know. In summary, they give a real and honest opportunity to become a successful trader''

Remote YESFX Prop-Trader February 2015

Ho Chuen Jason Li (United Kingdom)

"YesFX has all the essential needs for a trader to succeed in the current competitive FX market. Its state of the art operational infrastructure, dark pool of capital allocation, and weekly seminars sessions - it is second to none in the proprietary trading arena. The opportunity for career progression to become a senior member of the team, and further capital allocation for well performed traders. I believe this is an ideal environment for both experience professionals and invoice starting out in the industry"

Remote YESFX Prop-Trader January 2015

Vishal Toora (Canada)

“The sky is the limit with Forex trading. There is so much potential to gain, enormous amounts of money. Through YESFX, I received the education and training that I needed to continue to advance in my knowledge of the Forex trading and because of that now I am able to go on to places that I was never able to go before. I have also been very happy with the feedback provided in the Director of Technical Research, Kyriakos Charilaou. The daily analysis on YESFX Forum and mentorship are also beyond my wildest expectations for this junior trader program. Last but not the least, the support provided by Maria Lavithi, Director of HR is second to nothing. I know it may sound like I am overdoing it… but, I want to let you know that — compared with other firms — in my opinion, none compares to YESFX.”

Remote YESFX Prop-Trader January 2015

Hamed Naderi (Iran)

“YESFX trading program is an excellent experience for me . I am PhD scholar for Finance and working on forecasting in foreign exchange market regarding technical analysis , but i am learning and i will prove my skills every day by working in YESFX trading program , they are so professional , knowledgeable and helpful.”

Remote YESFX Prop-Trader October 2015

Harris Levadiotis – CySec Exam Course (September 2014)

“This course should be taught by someone who is capable in teaching and motivating you enough to achieve goals and results. Experience proves that this is exactly what you get at YESFX. Thank you for helping me pass another important examination CySec’s Advance Certificate.”

YESFX CySec Exam Course September 2014

Irena Kelesidou (Cyprus)

“The trainer is very knowledgeable and has experience in the subject matter, it made the course very interesting, clearly explained everything in course and kept everybody involved. I found this course very, very informative. I can take this knowledge into my work on a daily basis, highly recommended!”

YESFX CySec Exam Course September 2014

Joanna Joannou (Cyprus)

“Helpful sessions that give a lot of good examples to understand the material. The lecturer did a good job of addressing questions. Also he was clear and kept us awake. The mock exam and the slides were also really helpful. I feel that i actually learned the material and i am ready for the exam.”

YESFX CySec Exam Course September 2014

M.K. Rajesh (United Kingdom)

"I have been associated with YESFX for 6 months and my experience at YESFX was very enriching and resourceful. The management is very friendly and helpful. The exposure that they provide in technical analysis is worth mentioning. Mr Charilaou is a very patient instructor and makes all the efforts to make you grab the aspects of the technical indicators. His live-sessions are very helpful and informative. Overall, life at YESFX is exciting and enriching."

Remote YESFX Prop-Trader September 2014

Abdul Ashikin (Singapore)

"YESFX's Global Trader Program is definitely one of a kind. One has to be competent and equipped with essential trading skills in order to be chosen to participate in the program. The revolutionary strict money management rules created by the firm and adopted by the traders ensures longevity and survival in the trading business in the long run. Traders employed by YESFX are constantly pushed to their limits, ensuring that they improve and learn from their mistakes. Furthermore, the availability of the traders' forum is a platform where traders can share their knowledge with others. This has definitely helped YESFX traders to broaden their knowledge in trading. All in all, YESFX Global Trader Program is an excellent program that provides opportunity for a trader to hone their trading skills to another level."

Remote YESFX Prop-Trader July 2014

Dos Kuanov (Kazakhstan)

"To successfully trade in the Forex market a trader needs Knowledge, Experience and Capital. I started trading two years ago. I acquired some knowledge and experience. I needed capital for trading and I found capital in this company. I am working with the YESFX for three months and I can assure traders that the company has good conditions for intra-day trading. Very good conditions. If you have a serious intention to become a professional Forex Trader (not a scalper or gambler) but a successful trader, YESFX can provide you with the Knowledge, Experience and most importantly with Capital for trading. This is an extremely essential point if you plan to grow into a serious trader. YESFX provides an exceptional opportunity for traders to achieve financial freedom."

Remote YESFX Prop-Trader April 2014

Bruno Moise (France)

"I would like to thank YESFX for giving me the opportunity to participate to the global trader program. The company allows us to trade with its own funds and provides us with excellent trading conditions. With YESFX i am improving day by day my skills in trading and my knowledge of financial markets. I also learn how to trade under stict money and risk management rules, which is the only way to bocome constistently profitable as a trader not to succumb to any of our natural psychological biases: fear, hope, cupidity, overconfidence, etc."

Remote YESFX Prop-Trader April 2014

George Petersburg (Hungary)

"I am greatful for having the opportunity to trade for the firm. Remote trading from home (or wherever you like) is unique among proprietary trading firms which makes doing business comfortable and gives you the option to travel the world. There is a great deal of money to be made in trading, you just have to know how to capitalize on the opportunities given by the market every day. If you want to become a trader, have a solid strategy, put aside all your worries and do your homework every day."

Remote YESFX Prop-Trader March 2014

Somsri Sarkar (India)

"First of all, I would like to thank YESFX Ltd for providing me the best opportunity to practice in financial markets and improve day-by-day to become a successful technical analyst. Being part of this institute has taught me how to be disciplined and achieve success in financial markets. It was before, when consistency was a big obstruction for me, but trading in here has improved my courage and faith, also trained me how to cope with the losses, minimizing risk and maximizing profits for long run and make a living out of it."

Remote YESFX Prop-Trader February 2014

Priyank Gupta (India)

"The YESFX Trading program is truly rewarding for me. The program is structured in a very systematic manner, through which a trader can gradually groom his money management and risk management skills. The constant support and assistance provided by experienced market technicians at YESFX only adds to this growth. Even though on the onset, technical analysis may seem very easy, in reality, it is a very fast and deep field and the trader program at YESFX guides you though this in a very systematic manner. This program instills confidence in traders, new and experienced alike, in facing the challenges of the market. If you have the passion for trading and looking for the right guidance, then YESFX is among the best places for you."

Remote YESFX Prop-Trader February 2014

Eleni Sotiriou (Cyprus)

"As a trader, YESFX has provided me the knowledge of financial markets and how to trade the financial instruments. With successful trading systems that YESFX tought me, discipline, patience adn money management strategies that every trader must to have, success depends on the trader. I recommend YESFX Trader program and the CFTe preparation course to anyone who feels excited with technical analysis and has the profile of a trader. So I want to thank you YESFX for the opportunity and support."

YESFX CFTe Exam preparation course December 2013

Mohammed Al-Aker (Cyprus)

"Coming from a financial background the decision to commence further studies, was one that was not taken lightly. YESFX provided me with the tools and knowledge that were easy to follow and understand. Having gained my MSTA and CFTe designations I am confident that I had taken the correct path. My knowledge in technical analysis had broadened; my understanding of the markets is much more advanced and I am confident that my career is now on the correct path for future sucess. I recommend YESFX to anyone who would like to challenge their stamina and succeed in the financial markets."

YESFX CFTe Exam preparation course November 2013

Charalambos Constantinides (Cyprus)

"Participating in this CFTe Exam preparation course traning program is a stepping stone for my personal and professional future. Very extensive and hands on training provided us with better understanding of how financial markets and instruments work. Thank you to all YESFX personnel for their support. Further, and most important, the CFTe Exam preparation course assisted me in getting the position of the Technical Analyst at IronFX".

YESFX CFTe Exam preparation course October 2013

Maria Eleftheriou (Cyprus)

"YESFX's Trader course has been a really teach-full experience. It provided me with useful knowledge on how real markets, analysis and trading work and gave an extra boost to my career. Working as a trader can also contribute to the development of your personal attributes like learn to control your emotions which is a key factor for your success as a trader. Limiting your greed and fear, orienting your discipline and increasing your patience levels can really add to your self-development and benefit your gains. It's not an easy work but it's a great work for thos who like a good challenge and are looking forward to a profitable future. You have to love it for it to reward you. What I love about it is that it's not an ordinary hob. For those who find it hard to keep a typical eight hour working schedule it's the perfect job since it gives you the opportunity to trade when you "fell like it". It's all about psychology and nobody forces you to initiate trades. Afterall, your profitability depends exclusively on you and you have no other responsibilities towards anybody else besides keeping a disciplined money management strategy towards the company. For these reasons and even more, I believe that YESFX Trader program is a great opportunity to see what you are made of. Only few succeed but if you manage to be one of the few then that's all yo need".

YESFX Prop-Trader - In-House Training Program September 2013

Nikos Skouroumounis (Cyprus)

"As a trader at YESFX I discovered a new world of knowledge on the field of the financial technical analysis of the markets. Every day is an exciting learning experience, while the company provides all the tools for systematic probability trading. The fascinating thing is that you do not need to have prior knowledge of the markets. As cliche as it sounds: Sky is the limit!"

YESFX Prop-Trader - In-House Training Program September 2013

Satish Chandak (India)

"STA/CFTe Exam Preparation course with YESFX gave me a solid understanding of the theory as well the practical application of technical analysis in this field. Kyriakos Charilaou is an excellent faculty with a rich experience. Besides in-depth course content, the friendly attitude, support and guidance from the YESFX makes it a wonderful place to be a part of. Small batch sizes ansure in-depth discussions and a hand on practical approach gives a thorough grip in the field of technical analysis."

YESFX CFTe Exam preparation course April 2013

Dan Howard (Cyprus)

"YESFX has proven to be a valuable investment for any who plans on trading in the market. I personally went in with some knowledge before hand, but it wasn't long before I understood the depths of tehnical analysis. The instructors were able to take a complex system and make it manageable for anyone to understand. I would highly recommend YESFX to anyone who wants to invest in his/her future in the technical analysis trading field."

YESFX CFTe Exam preparation course April 2013

Socrates Panayi (Cyprus)

"Writing a testimonial for YESFX Trading Academy was a rather easy task because it cannot be more definite. If you want to acquire a professional diploma like CFTe (Certified Financial Technician) you can only apply to professionals and that's what YESFX is all about, professionalism. My experience with YESFX team derived from my willingness to widen my knowledge to the technical trading and FX Brokerage sector. After the period of six months, in which seminars of YESFX were taught, my will was transformed to a powerful tool as I gain knowledge I couldn't imagine. When I passed the exams of the STA (Society of Technical Analysts) and granted the CFTe diploma I thought that I reached the goal, but I was so wrong. The final goal was achieved when I realized that I can succeed through the financial markets as a personal trader. I can assure you that YESFX can lead the way to success."

YESFX CFTe Exam preparation course April 2012

Chrysis Demetriou (Cyprus)

"Coming from an engineering background and being already at the age of 35, I was rather sceptical whether a move to the financial sector would be a wise decision. After successfully completing the STA exam preparation course and being awarded the MSTA designation, I must admit that it was the best decision I could have taken for my future. The course preparation was very detailed offering a solid knowledge base on which each individual can rely on, to build his own successful strategies. I highly recommend this course to both professionals that want to broaden their knowledge and become full members of a prestigious professional body such as the Society of Technical Analysts (STA), as well as to individuals that want to pursue a career in the financial/investment sector."

YESFX CFTe Exam preparation course April 2012

Maria Eleftheriou (Cyprus)

"YesFX Trading Academy is without a doubt your ticket to success. Within the academy’s sophisticated infrastructure, including the expertise knowledge of its instructors and their business contacts, there is no way you will keep being unemployed. Technical Analysis has a lot to offer to you and can reward your efforts with satisfying gains. All you have to do is love it and use it wise! This wisdom that will guide you to a successful career as a professional technical analyst, trader or dealer can be obtained by registering at the next course of Technical Analysis. I just wish I hadn’t spent so many years working for pennies and going from job to job… With a TA certificate, success awaits for you. Better late than never!"

YESFX CFTe Exam preparation course April 2012

Savvas Avraam (Cyprus)

"To start with, the course has offered me probably the most useful and applicable knowldedge I have ever dealt with. The structure of the program is set up in a very intelligent way I would say, so that it emphasizes and deals with every possible aspect of Technical Analysis. To achieve that there is of course a major contribution from the instructors, who provided us with exceptional seminar sessions. For me, the course was the initiation into the fascinating world of finance, but with the knowledge I gained from the course and the powerful tools of Technical Analysis I am quite certain that I will survive or even better succeed in the 'unpredictable' financial markets."

YESFX CFTe Exam preparation course November 2011

Ermioni Kallenou (Cyprus)

“I remember in the beginning of our meeting when you told me about STA qualification, I was afraid of taking the decision of doing this course and I was wandering if this could indeed help me on my career. Now, I feel very lucky that eventually I made the right decision and be one of the students of YESFX Global trading academy. Although I own an MSc in Finance, I feel that during the STA Diploma exam preparation course, I learnt much more and I got the real feeling of how financial markets actually work. Now, I feel more comfortable with myself and I can express my own opinion about the market. The most important thing for me is that in the last interview I have succeeded and I was hired as a technical analyst at a hedge fund. During the interview I have been told that my knowledge on technical analysis made an impression on them and play important role for taking this position. Currently I have joint the Fund’s existing technical analysis team.”

YESFX CFTe Exam preparation course October 2011

Charalambos Konstantinou (Cyprus)

“As one of the graduates of YESFX Global trading academy, I have to say one big thank you to our lecturers. From the beginning of course till now I can say that these guys (YESFX Global) made me familiar with the whole edge called Technical Analysis of the FINANCIAL MARKETS. When studying in the UK I never thought about technical analysis till I came to Cyprus and started to think about new experience and I found it at YESFX Global by attending the CFTe Level 2 exam preparation course.
I sent my CV before I did the seminars for technical analysis looking for a job in computers area but was very difficult to call me back even for an interview. Starting sending my CV for jobs in the financial companies for technical analyst or FX dealer the demand from the companies was very high, and now I am trying to get a job. So a big thanks to YESFX Global.”

YESFX CFTe Exam preparation course October 2011

George Spanos (Cyprus)

“Starting at YESFX trading Academy I wanted to widen my knowledge on technical analysis. I have started the course in order to realize the way markets move according to technical analysis and be able to understand the “mechanics” behind various technical analysis tools. This course not only gave me what I was asking for but even more. The way it is designed provided to me the experience I was lacking in the area of Technical Analysis.
However the most important gain from the course was the relationship that was developed with the instructors of the academy. These guys are amazing! They treat you first as a friend and then as a trainee. They were always willing to help and share their experience. This was for me the most important part of the course. I believe that attending the Academy was only for my benefit, as a professional and as a person.”

YESFX CFTe Exam preparation course September 2011

Charidemos Levadiots (Cyprus)

“Technical analysis of the financial markets is the analysis of the psychology of investors presented on a chart. At YESFX Global Trading Academy I have learnt how to read the fluctuation of this psychology and perceive in which direction (positive or negative) it moves each time. The fact that I have not studied ever before any financial subject and within a period of 6 months I have become a qualified technician obtaining the STA Diploma shows the quality and the level of the instructors of YESFX Global.”

YESFX CFTe Exam preparation course April 2011

Panagiotis Nicolaou (Cyprus)

“Our life is full of opportunities that at some point we need to exploit if we want to achieve professional recognition within the financial sector. As a BSc Finance holder I was unable to find a job for 2 years. When I saw this course I realized that it could be my passport for future employment and to become a successful trader on the particular field. I was really amazed by the level of professionalism and enthusiasm of the instructors during this course but the key I believe was the fact that the participants of this course also became passionate and really loved technical analysis. The whole course was very well-structured and most importantly I learnt the practical application of technical analysis. The most valuable tool for me out of this course is the fact that eventually after losing a lot of money in the financial markets, I started to record substantial profits. Now, as a dealer I perform very well. The whole experience was impressive, the results exceptional and I would like to really thank both YESFX Global as well as its instructors for accepting me at the Trading Academy.”

YESFX CFTe Exam preparation course November 2010

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