Remote FX Prop Trader

Our Remote FX Prop-trader
program offers the opportunity to talented forex traders around the world to trade forex using YESFX online trading room software. This option eliminates the need for costly relocation. As a leading proprietary firm (prop-trading firm) we encourage our international Forex traders to utilize their own trading strategy and apply it using YESFX funds during both European and American Sessions. YESFX Prop Traders can interact and discuss their trading ideas.

Remote FX Traders Responsibilities and Duties:

  • 50% Performance on profits
  • Manage €50,000 YESFX Trading Account
  • Perform intraday analysis on a basket of forex spot rate pairs
  • Place trades on forex spot rate pairs
  • Analyze and calculate risk to reward ratio of all possible financial instruments traded in the house
  • Apply money management tests to decide whether to reward to risk criteria are fulfilled
Step 1: Apply for the position
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Step 2: Agreement
The Partnership Agreement pdf file is provided below for your review. The performance fee is calculated on a 50% performance on the net monthly cumulative profits. The Agreement is designed for international candidates willing to trade on an online basis.

All successful candidates will be provided an agreement to sign which has duration of 1 year (subject to the performance and money management rules as stated in the partnership agreement). The normal working hours of our trading room is from 09:00 – 19:00 (EET – Eastern European Time).

Step 3: Opportunity for Advancement/Reward Scheme

All prop traders start with a €50,000 YESFX Trading Account. YESFX prop trading reward scheme is divided in 3 steps which are detailed below:

Step 1: Account Value 50,000 Euro

Minimum Position Size per Trade

Maximum Position Size per Trade

Maximum loss per day

100,000 – 1 lot

100,000 – 1 lot

900 euro

To move to Step 2 the prop trader must accomplish a net profit of at least 2,000 euro for 5 consecutive months.

Step 2: Account Value 100,000 Euro

Minimum Position Size per Trader

Maximum position Size per Trade

Maximum loss per day

100,000 – 1 lot

200,000 – 2 lot

1400 euro

To move to Step 3 the prop trader must accomplish a net profit of at least 3,000 Euro for 7 consecutive months.

Step 3: Full Time Employment

Any prop trader who reaches Step 3 becomes an Experienced Prop Trader and will be offered a reward package agreed by both parties.

For the non-experienced traders who wish to join YESFX Prop-Trading Team, we offer an additional training package.

Working with a Propriety Trading House

A Proprietary Trading House allocates company funds to traders, either on a partnership agreement or fully employed by the company, to trade. The traders utilize their own personal strategies with the house’s money management rules to trade the funds. Proprietary Trading Houses can trade all or selected financial instruments.

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