Beginners Training Forex

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What does the “Beginners Trading Forex” course offer?

This course offers the unique opportunity to inexperienced forex traders or individuals with a passion at forex trading to get trained by professional traders and technical analysts in order to be able to trade successful the forex market and increase their technical analysis and trading skills on intra-day, short-term and medium-term trading.

To whom is it addressed for?

This course is addressed to individuals with minor or no trading experience in the financial markets. The main aim of this course is to teach participants all the mechanisms professional traders use to identify market trends and investment opportunities.

What methods of analysis are taught in this course?

Participants will mainly be taught chart analysis (diagrammatical analysis), statistical analysis (using moving average analysis, standard deviation analysis), trend analysis, momentum analysis and mathematical analysis and all these methods will be applied/illustrated on real-time charts (live trading conditions). YESFX instructors will ensure that all of the above concepts are understood and correctly applied to financial instruments when combining them together to arrive at a trading recommendation.

Do I get a job upon completion of this course?

Yes. Upon completion of this course you will be employed by YESFX for the position of the Remote FX Prop-trader managing a YESFX Individual trading account of €50,000.

How do I get assured/guaranteed that I will get the job upon course completion?

As soon as this course starts we will send you at the same time the Partnership Agreement we offer to our Remote FX Prop-traders for you to sign it and email it back to us. For more information, terms and conditions of the Partnership Agreement click here.

Why do I need to sign the Partnership Agreement before the completion of the course?

In order for BOTH YESFX and the candidate to be legally binded that both parties will fulfill their obligations to each other. And for you to have a legal proof that you will get the job upon course completion and for YESFX to make sure that you will follow all the procedures, rules, terms and conditions as state in our Agreement upon starting to manage your YESFX Individual trading account of €50,000.

What is the content/syllabus of the course?

You can view the full syllabus by clicking here.

I don’t have any financial background knowledge. Is it still possible to attend/succeed upon completion of the course?

Yes. To be a successful trader does not depend on your academic qualifications. It mostly depends on trading discipline, correct money management rules and to follow your trading system at all times. All three concepts will be practiced a lot during the course. However, since all the communication and notes are in English language candidates need to have a good understanding (communicational level) of the English Language

Will I be a successful trader upon completion of this course?

If you do not possess the following characteristics, then you will fail as a trader and therefore there is no need to enter our firm as an FX Prop-trader. The three elements we are looking for are: discipline, strategy, control fear and greed. Our target focuses getting on board quality traders and not quantity.

How can I advance within YESFX as an FX Prop-trader?

Each Prop-trader starts with a YESFX Trading account of €50,000. This account value increases if certain targets are achieved. More details about YESFX Opportunity for Advancement Scheme can be found by clicking here [Step 3]. 

Will I be able to develop my own successful trading strategy upon completion of the course?

Yes. That’s the main aim of this course. All trading strategies chosen by candidates will be carefully chosen and examined by both the candidate and the instructor/trader prior to adopting it, fully documenting its parameters, risks, drawdowns, risk-reward ratio and profit factor.

Is this course offered on an online basis?

Yes. This course is designed to be offered on an online live basis using Go-to-meeting, TeamViewer and Skype software.

Can I take this course on-site at YESFX Premises?

Yes. This course can also be offered on site at our premises.

Is this course offered on a Group or Private basis?

It can be offered both on a Group and/or Private basis. Same pricing applies however for both options. Group sessions, however, are limited to 3 participants per group in order to ensure high quality and satisfaction for our candidates. We want to make sure that what is said or demonstrated is 100% understood. We are not looking for volumes we are looking for quality and of course successful traders upon completion of this course.

Beginners Training Forex

Remote FX Trader Position is guaranteed upon training completion
  • Start Date: On Demand
  • Venue: Live Webinar or YESFX Premises
  • Instruction Methods: Private
  • Duration: 15 hours

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